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Soft Cover Understanding Encouragement

Soft Cover Understanding Encouragement


With a deeper understanding of encouragement, this book can be a resource to develop encouragement strategies and techniques for everyday life. Each reader can determine how this new information about encouragement will influence his or her leadership style and personal relationships. Readers will also be urged to take a close look at the people in their network of encouragers and to find ways for self-encouragement. When someone is overwhelmed and standing on the ledge to the pits of despair, effective encouragement can not only talk them off that ledge but can perhaps keep him or her from going there in the first place. The goal of encouragement is to instill the courage to reduce fear, perseverance to combat the urge to give up, confidence to heighten low self-efficacy, inspiration to resolve a lack of motivation, and finally, the hope to diminish pessimism for the future. 

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    This CD was lovingly prepared with you in mind! I am holding a Bible that has been a part of a family’s legacy for over ninety-two years to symbolize the scripture promises available to all in covenant with the LORD from generation to generation. As I sit before the still waters and also stand with rainbow images overhead, I pray that you are encouraged and delighted by the sounds you will hear on Part One of The New Sound of Triumph. Know that we serve an awesome GOD who always causes us to Triumph and will love us eternally! May GOD’S Richest Blessings Overtake You!
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